Kitchen Hacks

The Kitchen can be a place of serene meditation or can become a place of pure chaos . I am sharing some of my kitchen hacks to help you do your cooking effectively and with ease.

Used Newspapers for a clean kitchen slab:

The most practical of my personal hacks , I just lay a new sheet of newspaper on the kitchen slab before i start my chopping / dicing / grating etc . Once I am done with the chores – I just fold the newspaper along with the waste and throw it in the dustbin . Kitchen Slab cleaned in seconds – pure peace of mind.

Quick and Easy Shelling of Boiled Eggs :

Add salt  / baking soda or vinegar to the water when boiling the eggs . Once boiled immediately put the eggs under normal temperature running water . This will take the temperature of the eggs to manageable limits and will also separate the shell from the skin from the inside. Crack and shell the eggs.

Getting a lovely white skin on the eggs when cooking sunny side up :

Always cook in a non stick pan ( this will ensure that you use less oil / butter ), cover with a lid and cook on minimum flame . Keep checking for consistency of yolk . The oven type heat will ensure a nice white leathery cover for the yolk.

The right way to use Saffron :

I have had the good fortune of staying in Afghanistan for a few years, Herat is the place in Afghanistan where the worlds best Saffron is grown. The correct way to use saffron strands is to crush the saffron stamens with a few grains of sugar on a clean hard slab. The ensuing power or crush when put in your recipe of choice will infuse saffron immediately and will be 100% authentic .



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