The Carrot Minced The Chick’in Eggs

Its seems like rummaging in the refrigerator is becoming a habit , I need to work on it just as diligently as I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey ( which is  around once a year ).  This time around it was time to make the plain old eggs once again – but I wanted to have something more filling than my regular sunny side up. I found some minced chicken and then Eureka – the twist started taking shape .


What you need :

Minced Chicken – 50 grams

Onions – 1

Ripe Red Tomatoes – 1

Eggs – 3

Ginger Garlic Paste

Green Chilly -1

Spring Onions – 1 twig

Carrot – 1 piece

Grated cheese – a decent sprinkle

Spices – Tumeric powder  , Salt , Fresh Ground Black Pepper,

Non Stick Frying Pan.

Time to cook : 20 minutes

First Things First :

Break the three eggs and add some finely grated carrot , add some salt and spices of your choice and whip to a good level . Rest aside and allow the carrot the soak in the egg.

For the Carrot Accompaniment :

This is a fantastic balancer and it also helps to give a fresh feeling to the palate .

Fine grate a carrot , add some salt to taste and squeeze some fresh lemon juice – give it a toss or two , and you are ready to plate and serve.

Cooking the Chicken & Egg :

Pour a teaspoon of oil in the pan and take it to medium heat , add ginger garlic paste and chopped green chillies saute for a minute , add finely chopped onions – saute till medium golden , add chopped tomatoes and saute till soft , add minced chicken and salt to taste . Saute till chicken is cooked well.

Arrange the chicken in a round shape in the pan , pour the whipped egg & carrot mix onto the chicken – ensuring that the full chicken spread is completely covered by the egg mix . once the egg is poured – add some herbs, chilli flakes , and grated cheese sprinkle , add chopped spring onions for garnish . Cover the pan and let it cook on low heat. Once the egg is done – gently flip it over ( if you need extra crispness on the top side ) and allow to cook for a minute or half.

Take out , plate well and serve hot.



Enjoy with a glass of milk or fresh juice !!


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  1. Poornika Rishi says:

    Nice recipe. Will diffinately try 🙂


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