Coffeed, Beatenup & Cold in ‘Vain’illa

I was rummaging in the refrigerator for a sweet fix and all what I could lay my hands on was some leftover Vanilla Ice Cream, a few cubes of Cadbury’s Chocolate ; so I got thinking – what if I added a coffee twist to vanilla along with some delicate chocolate twirls.


What you need :

Vanilla Ice Cream

Coffee Powder – I use Nescafe Classic


Hard Frozen Chocolate – I used Cadbury’s dairy milk ( goes extremely well with vanilla , you can try bitter chocolate if you wish for a different flavor )

Beating the Coffee :

Beat the coffee by mixing coffee and sugar in ratio 1:4 ( depending on your coffee tastes ), beat it with hand by mixing a few drops of water . I love to beat my coffee in a glass tumbler  with a butter knife. When the coffee is fluffy and the sugar has dissolved completely keep aside for layering.

Dressing the Icecream :

Chill the serving plate in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before you pour the ice cream on it , this will ensure that the ice cream does not melt soon while you are dressing it.

Add the beaten coffee over the ice cream by layering , you can add as dollops or you can fill into an icing cone and decorate as per your artistic skills .

Take a potato slicer and grate the hard frozen chocolate bar onto the ice cream (at the chip making blade end in a manner that the ensuring twirls fall directly onto the ice cream) . Add as many delicate chocolate twirls as you like.

Sprinkle some coffee powder or cocoa powder as a finisher.

Enjoy Blisfully !

PS : Do not throw away the leftover beaten coffee, keep it in the fridge – you can ‘rebeat’ it – add hot milk and have a cup of nice creamy beaten coffee , for the finer pleasures of life  🙂



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