Tie Me Down & Sew Me Up – Chicken Speak

I am happy that my blog is getting traction , thank you so much for taking time to go through my blog – hope that you are liking the easy to cook recipes .

The perinneal question is – what comes first the chicken or the egg ? well then for my blog if the egg has already arrived then can the chicken be far behind.

This chicken dish is a simple , aromatic , easy to make & a visual delight when done  (the accompanying pictures are proof enough). I went out to get the chicken from the grocery shop at 12:30 Pm and at 3 Pm when my son arrived from school it was done and ready to devour . The ingredients are simple and are all in your kitchen larder .




What you need :

One full chicken gutted and cleaned – skinned or not depends on your preference.

Fresh stocky vegetables – I used carrots, beans , cauliflower , baby potatoes , peas

Lemons – 3

Ginger & Garlic

Spices – Bay Leaf, Black pepper , Green pepper , Cumin seeds, Cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, black cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise, Dried Red chilies whole, Green chillies , Salt, Fresh Mint Leaves

Needle & Cotton Thread.

Preparing the Marinate for Chicken :

Squeeze the juice of two lemons in a small bowl , add a handful of thin and longitudinally diced fresh ginger , add salt to taste and fresh ground black pepper . Add crushed mint leaves. Mix well and set aside to allow the lemon juice to work on the ginger.

Preparing the Chicken :

Once the Chicken is cleaned , make medium incisions on the breasts and thighs to give more areas for the marinade to seep into the chicken .

Put the chicken in a deep bowl and put the marinate on , ensuring that all the ginger etc is spread evenly on the chicken , keep aside for 30 minutes ; keep tiring it around to ensure equal marination.

Preparing the veggies :

Chop the veggies into small pieces , keep the baby potatoes intact . Heat oil in a nonstick pan – add diced garlic and ginger- fry till done , add vegetables and saute for 2 minutes – add salt to taste and some fresh ground black pepper. Remove once done .


Stuffing the Chicken :

Once the chicken is well marinated ( the flesh will have turned whitish and a bit rubbery due to the lemon juice ) stuff the vegetables into the thoracic area and sew the opening with the needle and thread , please use only cotton thread .

Once the chicken has been stuffed and sewed , tie down the legs together . Now you are ready for the grand finale.

Cooking the Chicken :

Heat oil in a non stick pan with a medium deep base ( deep enough to fry the chicken lightly ) , once the oil is hot enough add cumin seeds , once the cumin pops add bay leaves , green cardamom , black cardamom, cloves, black pepper and green pepper corns , dried red chillies whole . Allow the spices to simmer for a minute . Once the oil had taken up the spices – add diced green chillies and allow it to saute for half a minute.  Once this is done – gently lay the chicken in the pan and fry it – changing sides every few minutes to arrange for even cooking. Remember to pour in all the left over marinade along with the ginger and pepper residues in the pan with the chicken. ( Tip for frying – cover the pan off and on esp when the chicken is leaving moisture – the steam ensued will be mixed with the spices and shall permeate the chicken deep inside doing two things 1) cooking it 2) ensuring that the falvors reach deep inside the meat.)



Serving :

Once the chicken is cooked evenly – gently take out and serve .  Once on the table remember to cut the sew and enjoy the veggies as they pop out – hot and heavenly. Squeeze fresh lemon and enjoy with a glass of wine 🙂

Bon Appetit.



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  1. Richa Bansal says:

    Lovely! Shall try for sure 🙂 however I have been making another stuffed chicken where the stuffing is of mashed potatoes, dry fruits, ginger and green chillies…but I guess I must try this for a change 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That also seems to be an interesting recipie , another filling is brown rice with sour berries and dry fruits and orange peels. The orange kist does wonders to the aroma.


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