Graping Bananas – Custard Pudding

Since I was a child , dessert after dinner has been a religion , and I am sharing the gospel truth on the custard pudding with you.

This pudding is based on custard of free flowing consistency a slice of sponge cake and fresh grapes to boot.


What you need :

Custard Powder – please do not use ready made homogenised custard ( thats the worst that you can do ) I used Brown & Polson Custard Powder – vanilla flavor

Milk – 200 ml

Sugar – To taste

Spongy Cake – 1 slice ( I used  Walnut Carrot Sponge Cake – fresh from the bakers )

Fresh Black Grapes – You can use white ones as well – black tastes good

Ripe Banana – 1

The how to for the Custard :

Boil 200 ml of milk in a sauce pan , add the sugar and ensure it gets dissolved in the milk.

Make a solution for the custard powder in water/ lukewarm milk and ensure there is no lumping in the custard mix.

Reduce the flame of the milk on boil and slowly add the custard mix to the milk , keep stirring the milk to ensure that no coagulation or lumping happens. Add enough custard mix to ensure nice free flowing consistency to be achieved. Boil the mixture for some time and then leave to cool – put in refrigerator to chill to be used later.


Put the cake slice in a serving bowl of relevant size , top it with sliced banana and pour the chilled custard on the cake , add fine sliced grapes to decorate and enhance the taste. You can add any other fruit that you thing will go well with your palate and custard .





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