Eggs Oliver Going Bananas

I could not think of a more apt name than “Eggs Oliver Going Bananas ” – this was a random name that came to my mind as i was serving the final dish as all i could see were two eggs with some olives and a banana to boot.
As I tend to cook for passion and have no aspirations to be on MasterChef as we speak , I have a tenacity to cook quick and nutritious meals on the go. This dish is one of the post exercise – quick shots of protein + energy + taste , all done in a matter of 15 minutes flat.

What you need :

Eggs : 02
Olives : Around 8-10
Banana : 01 Ripe
Chilli Flakes
Mixed Herbs
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Salt to taste
Ketchup ( if you like it )

The how to for the eggs :

Heat a non stick pan till low heat , add a dash of olive oil and break the two eggs . Now sprinkle some chilli flakes and fresh ground black pepper on the eggs  along with some dried mixed herbs, sprinkle salt to taste. Cover the pan and allow to cook for some minutes
Keep the heat on low for the pan , while the egg white gets cooked and gets a leathery texture and the yolks starts to cook itself ( the consistency of the cooked yolk depends on your taste – you can keep it runny or hard cooked as desired ) Once done take off the pan and the eggs are ready .
The how to for the Banana:
Peel and cut the banana in bite sized chunks , add a pinch of salt and douse with some amount of honey – add fresh ground black pepper and mix thoroughly ensuring that the bananas are well layers with the honey pepper glaze. Be careful as to not mash the banana.

Serve the Eggs with Banana and Olives.  Drown with fresh juice or a cup of hot coffee 🙂

Do share this blog with your friends if you found it interesting , do book mark this page as well as I will be sharing my own twists and turns to interesting recipes.


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